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Have our crews touched your life?

We invite you to share your experience with us.  Whether you are a patient or a family member who has experienced our care, or a devoted supporter, we want to hear from you.​


"I work on the north slope, in Alaska. 4 years & 4 days ago I had a heart attack at work. It was an experience I never wish to have again. All I could think about was if I would or would not see my kids again! As the ambulance took me to the airport I still had this feeling, when the door opened there was this lady standing out on the runway waiting on me. Before I knew it she was hooking me up to monitor my condition. Not sure what all she did, I do remember her patting me on the chest & saying " I think we got this you'll be fine" I wasn't feeling fine I was scared as hell! As I was in flight I remember looking up & to my left, What the hell she was watching a movie on a laptop, she had one ear phone in one ear and another from somewhere else. Actually she was in contact with the emergency room in Anch., the laptop was watching me. I didn't know what was going on. So to tell you, Life Med of Alaska I am so glad you do what you do, I'm still at my job today. You people have some great employees & Miss Peggy Jones, which I really don't even know. I love that lady & am very glad she chose the path of work she does! Miss Peggy you are my hero!! " - Bill G. Childers

"Worked with crew on April 5, 2012, pt with overdose, cardiac arrest as team on scene, prolonged rescusitation efforts and as we were preparing to call time of death, pulse returned and pt transferred to Providence; flight crew was a tremendous help to us with this pt, who woke up one week later and walked into our clinic for follow up on May 4th, thankful to all who helped to save him. Patient is a different person today because of this event and is considered our 'miracle' patient. " - Deborah Crowe

"September 2, 2012, Central Peninsula Hospital, in Soldotna, told my husband, Mike, that they had done all they could for me. The choices were to let me expire at the hospital, or Medi Vac me up to Providence. Mike choose to take the chance I might make it, so the call was made. The weather was not good, so the Life Med helicopter could not be used. Early morning Sept. 3, the jet was sent down from Anchorage with more blood to keep me going until I reached Providence. My heart had already quit on me several times, and it did again on the flight up to Providence, but the crew got my heart going again and they were able to deliver me to Providence still alive. I received over 20 units of blood overall, spent 5 days in an induced coma, had 5 dialysis sessions to start my kidneys again, and wobbled home on Sept 20th! I was called their "miracle patient" by all my many doctors. I want to thank all the Life Med Alaska crew who helped make this "miracle" happen...Well, on September 2-3, it will be one year since your team flew me up to Providence, with little hope of making it. I would like to THANK YOU for bringing blood down to keep me going and starting the heart again when it stopped on the way back up. I was called their "miracle patient" by every doctor that stopped in to see me, and your team was truly a part of that miracle. I was released from Providence on September 20th and am now back walking my Corgi's twice a day, doing agility classes twice a week and, generally, REALLY enjoying life! You do a great service for people in need. Again, THANK YOU ALL." - Marnett Love-Hamrick

"Thank you for the many lives you've saved and the security of knowing that you are there for rural Alaska when we have no other options."- Woody Woodgate

Anaan Woods, Toksook Bay

Thank you LifeMed for your help. Thank you for coming to our villages. God bless you all.

Lynnette H.

"LifeMed Alaska is awesome! We have used them several times with our daughter … never felt safer than while in their care! "

No matter how far, how late, these FLYING ANGELS are always there to get you to safe place... I want to thank you for taking 2 of my daughters and I for my daughter's heart surgery. 

Mary Alirkar

24-Hour Medevac Dispatch

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