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What is SMS?

SMS is a proactive, integrated approach to safety management. It is part of an overall management process that the corporation has adopted in order to ensure that the goals of LifeMed can be accomplished. 

SMS embraces the principle that the identification and management of risk increases the likelihood of accomplishing the mission. Hazards can be identified and dealt with systematically through the Hazard Reporting Program that facilitates continuous improvement and professionalism. Auditing and monitoring processes ensure vehicles and equipment are operated and processes are followed in such a way as to minimize potential risks.

The safety management system holds the key to LifeMed’s future and affects everything we do. Safety management includes all areas of safety, security, health, training and environmental management.


LifeMed’s management is committed to the SMS and has established leadership for the program and will continue to demonstrate, through everyday actions, the commitment to safety and its priority in the achievements of the organization. The processes in place include the active involvement of all managers and supervisors, who, through planning and review, will drive efforts for continuing improvement in safety and safety performance. The key focus is the safe operations during the provision of quality patient transport.

24-Hour Medevac Dispatch

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