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Training for Our Partners


LifeMed Alaska offers training and education to our hospital, clinic, law enforcement, fire and first responder partners by participating in drills and disaster response, aircraft safety, open houses, safety and health fairs, career days and other events. 

We also offer annual training to the Alaska Community Health Aide program which includes a presentation on LifeMed Alaska operations, landing zone setup and coordination, patient preparation, patient loading and safety around the aircraft, as well as specific topics requested by local agencies.


Landing Zone Safety Training


At LifeMed Alaska, we are committed to the safety of patients, crew members, first responders and members of the public.  LifeMed provides annual training in setting up safe landing zones to first responders and interested facilities that are within range of our helicopter bases. This training covers how to protect yourself, your team and your patients around our helicopters, and how to ensure the aircraft arrives and departs safely.  Download printable landing zone information.

Medical Conferences


LifeMed Alaska attends and sponsors EMS, trauma, critical care and medical conferences throughout Alaska. We are also able to provide lecturers for conferences, clinical expertise to skills stations, high fidelity simulation mannequin training and education conferences. 


If you would like to schedule a training or public education event, please contact us.

24-Hour Medevac Dispatch

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