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Our commitment to the communities we serve extends beyond providing medical transportation services. While most of our encounters with providers and patients occur during a medical transport, we enjoy interacting at a slower pace as well.  Whether we are at an event providing First Aid services or taking a group of kindergarteners on a base tour, we are dedicated to providing outreach education to healthcare professionals and the general public. 

LifeMed's outreach program has several goals:    


  • Spreading the message that critical care transportation saves lives

  • Promoting safe practices around our aircraft and when preparing patients

  • Collaborating with the healthcare community to learn from each other

  • Supporting local EMS and First Responders during a crisis or disaster

  • Inspiring future generations to consider a career in medical transportation

  • Providing Community service throughout Alaska

If you are interested in scheduling LifeMed Alaska for an outreach event, please contact us.

24-Hour Medevac Dispatch

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