The leaders of LifeMed Alaska make a conscious and concrete commitment of loyalty, regardless of personal discomfort, to our Mission, Vision, Process and Culture. We are committed to going above and beyond the call of duty.

Fiscal Responsibility


​​LifeMed Alaska incorporates fiscal responsibility with everything we do. This balance of cause and effect is to be read into all aspects of how we live and do business.



Being the best is what we strive for at LifeMed Alaska. We know that to be the best in the world means that we practice being the best. Practicing excellence is a mentality that the aviation, medical and financial arenas teach whether in the cockpit or in the ready room – in an emergency situation or reviewing protocol – at home or at play. Being the best is who we are, and what we do is the byproduct.

Intentional Design

Our industry is dynamic. It’s always changing. We are consistently learning, growing and adjusting how we approach and practice the medevac business. New approaches and practices within our industry never take the place of consistent organizational systems that work. Incorporated within this corporate design system is a commitment to help our employees discover their design and how it fits into the corporate picture.

Have Fun Working

Our desire as a company is to have fun working. This is not of frivolity, nor a life without purpose or meaning. It is a commitment to being thankful for life and living and serving mankind from an attitude of gratitude, opposed to an entitlement mentality.

Your Word

We live in a world that requires communication. What a person says, the approach that is used, and the motive behind it broadcasts intent. Therefore, we live by the standard of “being a person of your word.” Your "yes" must mean "yes" and your "no" must mean "no" – we must live by that.

Listen To Understand

Conflict resolution is a personal responsibility. We listen to understand, not to be right. Listening means that we actually give up the need to be right. Resolution occurs when you understand the other individual’s viewpoint. In order to resolve personal conflict, I must work to understand you, and you must work to understand me.

Open Communication

LifeMed Alaska utilizes an open communication system. New input is critical in all aspects of corporate life; communicating truthfully and respectfully is everyone's personal responsibility.

Doing the Dishes

The pursuit of excellence is the “minimum standard” in every aspect of employment life at LifeMed Alaska. This includes everything from personal appearance, to work-related responsibilities, to corporate team projects. It begins with personal respect and quiet confidence, and ends with how you love, respect and respond to your family, friends, and coworkers. And let’s not forget the dishes.

Esprit De Corps

Esprit de corps is all about morale and an attitude of self-discipline.  It’s the understanding that the smallest part contributes to the larger picture; that national or global impact is never achieved by the sacrifice of the individual, but by the collective. Corporately, we are committed and focused on the fulfillment of our Mission, Vision and Process, which is our objective.


We strive to leave a legacy with everyone that is connected with LifeMed Alaska either as a patient, client, vendor or employee. That legacy reconnects us to our Mission, Vision, Process and Culture in order to be the leader in the Medevac Industry; we must inspire and train leaders to be the best.

24-Hour Medevac Dispatch


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