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The LifeMed Alaska Way

We  provide Hope and Healing for our patients through Exceptional and Compassionate transportation.


​We will continue to be Alaska's Finest and Best medical transportation choice for our patients and our providers.



Safety will be the foundation of all of our decisions. 

Embody our safety culture in every encounter

Be vigilant for each other and our patients

When in doubt...choose the conservative option


We unfailingly make  the morally and ethically right choice.

Always choose the right way, even if it's not the easiest way

Ensure our actions are consistent with our words

Be accountable for all we say and do                                                                     


We are committed to fellowship, teamwork, and respect.

Collaborate with health care providers across Alaska

Value patients, providers, and each other

Consider others as more important than yourself


We always seek superior results and the highest quality.

Education and Training...improving each day

Expanding our individuals and as a company

Exceeding Expectations...of our patients and ourselves

Prime Directives
  • Do what's SAFE for all involved.

  • Do what's RIGHT for patient/person in front of you.

  • Do what's BEST for LifeMed Alaska.

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24-Hour Medevac Dispatch

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