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Interfacility Patient Transfers

The majority of LifeMed’s transports are carried out between health care facilities long distances away from each other. The patients on these transports typically require a service or higher level of care not available at the sending hospital.

On-Scene Responses

LifeMed’s helicopters respond directly to the scene of an accident. The goal of these responses is to provide a high level of skill to a patient with multiple injuries at the accident scene and quickly transport to a fully-equipped trauma facility – minimizing the time from injury to definitive care decreases mortality and morbidity.

Domestic and International Range

LifeMed Alaska has the long-range jet aircraft, expertise and all necessary documentation to respond to emergencies throughout Alaska, the lower 48, and virtually anywhere in the world.

With a large, varied fleet at the ready, LifeMed can conduct simultaneous transports and/or respond to large-scale accidents involving multiple patients.

Multiple Patient Transport Capabilities

24-Hour Medevac Dispatch

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