Ground Ambulance Services

LifeMed's on-demand ground ambulance service is a necessary part of the medical transportation infrastructure in Southcentral Alaska.  Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers perform transport between medical and long-term care facilities, and provide the ground transportation between the airport and hospital for LifeMed and other air ambulance providers.  LifeMed’s ALS-staffed ground ambulances are dispatched by the Anchorage Fire Department’s Dispatch Center.    

Benefits Include:
  • Relieving pressure on AFD EMS allowing them to focus on 911 emergency calls

  • Reducing the need for hospitals to provide escort staff for critical care patient transfers

  • Providing patient and flight crew transportation services for all air ambulance companies to and from Anchorage Airports.

Municipality of Anchorage, north to Houston, south to Seward and the Kenai area.

24/7, 365 days per year

(800) 478-5433

Hours of Operation:
24 Hour Ground and Flight Medevac Dispatch:
Service Area:

24-Hour Medevac Dispatch