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LifeMed Alaska has a top-down commitment to the safe transportation of our patients and employees.

Our Board of Directors and Senior Leadership are committed to providing the financial resources necessary to ensure we have competent employees, proper equipment and a safe working environment to complete every transport request.

LifeMed Alaska is committed to a safe workplace, the provision of quality patient care and a high level of operational excellence. We will continually examine all parts of our operation looking for opportunities to improve the safety of our employee and patients and the quality of care LifeMed delivers. We will work to provide the resources necessary to make improvements that elevate our standard.

We are committed to:

  • Protecting the health and safety of our employees, patients and their family, healthcare partners and business associates,

  • Promoting open communication within our work environment, with no fear of reprisal for reporting errors or accidents,

  • Improving the education of our employees and affiliates based on measured findings of our safety and quality reviews,

  • Ethical business practices in every decision we make and every partnership we form.

As an organization we have a responsibility to our employees to provide a safe environment. As employees we have a responsibility to each other – to look out for each other's safety, to report potential issues where they are found and to hold each other to the high standards we develop.  This “Safety Contract” requires the commitment of employees at all levels and across all departments.

24-Hour Medevac Dispatch

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