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LifeMed Alaska, LLC provides 24/7 critical care air ambulance services throughout Alaska with full-scope transports for adult, pediatric, neonate and high-risk obstetric patients using an advanced fleet of Learjets, turboprops, and helicopters.  To ensure continuity-of-care to each patient, we offer on-demand ground ambulance service from our Anchorage base. 

LifeMed Alaska is headquartered in Anchorage with base operations in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Soldotna, Bethel and Palmer, Dutch Harbor and Juneau.

Our Mission

LifeMed Alaska’s mission is to be the leader in the medevac industry by proficiently developing and implementing proven, effective and efficient systems that save and restore human life. In pursuit of this mission, we strive to provide the citizens of Alaska with safe, high quality, cost-effective, medical transportation. LifeMed is committed to developing long-term relationships with Alaska’s clinics, health care organizations and hospitals in the pursuit of our mission. LifeMed responds to a variety of calls, everything from scene flights to prearranged international trips.

Our History

LifeMed Alaska was formed from the merger of LifeGuard Alaska and AeroMed International on November 1, 2008. LifeGuard Alaska was owned and operated by Providence Health and Services Alaska (PHSA). LifeGuard Alaska served the community and state of Alaska for 22 years, providing both helicopter and fixed wing emergency services. AeroMed International was owned and operated by Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation (YKHC) and served the state of Alaska for 11 years, providing fixed wing emergency services. 

Our People

LifeMed's medical crew members are highly-skilled and experienced healthcare professionals dedicated to the care and comfort of our patients and their families.   These elite medical teams must demonstrate advanced skills such as chest tube insertion and advanced airway procedures.  They are guided by a physician board-certified in emergency medicine, a neonatologist, a pediatric intensivist, and a material-fetal medical specialist.

The medical personnel at LifeMed Alaska undergo a rigorous initial orientation and uphold stringent continuing education requirements on an annual basis.  We are committed to continually developing, improving and advancing the experience and skill level of our medical flight crews. Annual training requirements include 200 hours of continuing education consisting of:

  • Clinical time in High-Risk OB, NICU and Adult Critical Care

  • Safety and Survival Training

  • Invasive Skills Labs

  • Classroom Education

LifeMed requires an extensive orientation program for new hires, including 40 hours of didactic and over 400 hours of clinical time. Areas of focus include OR, Pediatric ICU, Neonatal ICU, High-Risk OB and Adult Critical Care.

Their training is rigorous, and their experience is invaluable.

Our Philosophy

It is the belief of LifeMed Alaska that all of our patients, their families, our customers, employees, and vendors be treated with respect, honor and with particular attention to their individual needs and requests. Central to our belief in providing optimum customer satisfaction and excellence in patient care is our commitment to safety elements inherent in the air ambulance and transportation service.

We believe that our customers deserve the recognition, respect and the highest quality of service and care administered by a dedicated, highly qualified, and professional medical, nursing, paramedical, communications center, aviation and ancillary staff.   In addition, we believe that an educated, respected, and administratively-supported staff will endeavor to meet the company's expectations and in turn provide our customers with the very highest level of care and concern.

In order to provide and increase this excellence in customer service, a Performance Improvement program is continually in process. We believe that a key component to this excellence in care is honesty, reliability and professional teamwork with the customer needs as a primary focus. We further believe that any and all customer-generated concerns be addressed in a timely, efficient and courteous manner.

24-Hour Medevac Dispatch

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