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Activating LifeMed Alaska via Satellite Text Message
Service will be active Starting May 1, 2021

It can be difficult to activate a specific response or request a specific provider from a satellite messaging device, like a Garmin inReach or SPOT, and you may be worried that a text message to a friend in the middle of the night might not be seen immediately. Pressing the SOS button on your device may activate a full-scale military rescue operation.


What if you find yourself in need of a straightforward medical evacuation in a place where satellite messaging is your only communications option? LifeMed Alaska is now able to receive messages from your device. Text messages to 910-LIFEMED are relayed to our dispatcher and several other contacts via voice telephone call, text message, and e-mail, to make sure that they are acted upon immediately.


Make sure that your device sends your coordinates (format does not matter) and your name in the initial message. After your message has been received and relayed to LifeMed’s communications center you will receive a confirmation message, and our dispatcher may text with additional questions. If LifeMed is not able to access your location, we will pass your request along to the Alaska State Troopers, who may coordinate with the Rescue Coordination Center. If you do not receive a confirmation message within a few minutes, do not assume that your message was delivered—try again or try relaying your request through another contact!


LifeMed Alaska recommends that you also configure the message to send to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) closest to your location, like your 911 center or Alaska State Trooper dispatch, as well as a personal contact, to maximize the chances of overcoming any technological failures that can happen with satellite communications.


How to use:

Send a text message to 910-LifeMed. Your message will be relayed via email and text message to our communications center and administrator on call, and they will also be alerted by phone call that a message has been received. 

you will receive a message confirming that your message has been relayed, and our dispatcher may ask you more questions.

In order to serve you best your message should contain your name and coordinates.

Check your settings to make sure that they are transmitted. Also, be sure to include information about the nature of your emergency  and the landing zone available.

This service is not a replacement for dialing 911 in areas where ground EMS is available. Local EMS is the best initial contact, and they will summon LifeMed if we are the best option. If LifeMed Alaska is not able to reach your location, we will coordinate with The Alaska State Troopers and the US Air Force Rescue Coordination Center to facilitate the best response. 

PLEASE DO NOT TEXT THIS SERVICE TO TEST IT. If you would like to make sure that it works from your device without sending a live alert to our dispatcher: Send a text message beginning with the words test (not case sensitive, but must be the first word in the message).You will receive a reply momentarily. The test session will last one hour, and further message received in that time will not be relayed to our dispatcher . You can end the session by sending "#end."














Disclaimers: This service rests on the backbone of some fairly complicated technology ; satellites, the internet, commercial web services, cellular communications and telephone carriers, which may be impacted by your location. battery conditions, atmospheric conditions, solar storms, and network outages. While LifeMed Alaska works diligently to keep the tiny sliver that is under our control working, there is a lot can go wrong.  so this service should not be your sole lifeline when you are roaming in the great outdoors. LifeMed Alaska can accept no legal responsibility for technological failures. If you do not receive a confirmation  that your message has been received, you cannot assume that is has been, and should attempt another means of communication.


This service is not a substitute for formal first aid and survival training, and must not replace a proper trip plan left with a reliable person. Standard messaging rates apply, your provider will not automatically count this as an SOS message. You may be responsible for costs associated with your evacuation. 



24-Hour Medevac Dispatch

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