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LifeMed Donates ZOLL® AutoPulse®

Cooper Landing, Alaska, January 27, 2015 —Cooper Landing Emergency Services will soon be the recipient of a brand new ZOLL® AutoPulse®, a revolutionary non-invasive cardiac support pump that is more effective than CPR compressions with human hands.

LifeMed Alaska will be donating the AutoPulse® unit, along with multiple batteries, chest straps and informational materials to Cooper Landing Emergency Services during a ceremony on Thursday morning.  Cooper Landing Emergency Services is a strong supporter of LifeMed Alaska and frequently utilizes their helicopters in scene responses.

“Cooper Landing Emergency Services operates on a minimal budget and relies heavily on community donations,” said Scott Williamson, Director of Operations at LifeMed Alaska.  “In reality, they do the most with what little they have and this was the greatest factor is choosing their service as the recipient of the donation.”

The AutoPulse® frees up EMS providers to perform other critical, life-saving tasks such as starting an IV, administering medication, ventilating or intubating.

“We are so appreciative that LifeMed chose our service to receive this donation.  The AutoPulse® will essentially function as another set of hands for us,” said Sue Sloan, EMS Coordinator for Cooper Landing Emergency Services.  “We have limited manpower and cover a large geographical area.  Hopefully, future patients will benefit greatly by having this resource onboard our ambulance.”

A ZOLL® representative will provide clinical training to staff on the proper operation of the AutoPulse® before the unit is put into service.



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