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LifeMed Alaska Announces Grand Opening of new Juneau Base

April 30, 2017

JUNEAU, LifeMed Alaska, Alaska’s premier air medical service, is formally opening a new base in Juneau on May 1st, 2017. In addition to serving the Juneau area, the base will expand the full range of high-quality air medical services to patients across Southeast and will transport patients to hospitals in Juneau, Anchorage, Seattle, and other locations in the Lower 48 as needed.

“We’ve been providing these critical services to Southeast Alaskans for many years from our other bases throughout Alaska, so we are pleased to be establishing a new base in Juneau,” said LifeMed Alaska CEO Scott Kirby. “The new base allows us to serve a wider range of patient types, safely, economically, and with the highest-quality medical care and service.”

The base will be staffed by a team of highly-experienced local health care professionals, including nurses and paramedics, as well as pilots.

“LifeMed Alaska is an organization that is owned by Alaskans, managed by Alaskans, and serves Alaskans. We are positioned to understand the diverse needs of our patients in Southeast, because we understand the uniqueness of the communities here,” said David Svobodny, the new Juneau base manager for LifeMed Alaska.

LifeMed Alaska is the preferred provider for Aetna and Premera. LifeMed Alaska is committed to developing long-term relationships with Alaska’s clinics, health care organizations, hospitals and providers in the pursuit of delivering the safest, highest- quality, most cost-effective, medical transportation and care to Alaskans.

The new Juneau office will host a community open house in June, stay in touch on our Facebook page for more details. For a media tour of the new facility and jets, please contact Aileen Cole: aileen@risingtidecommunications.com, 907-750-0470