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Announcing Fairbanks Jet Service

FAIRBANKS, Alaska. November 15, 2014 — LifeMed Alaska launched medevac jet service from its Fairbanks base today.  The company now has the resources to respond quickly to medical emergencies on the North Slope and Western Alaska from Fairbanks.

LifeMed relocated one of its Learjet 35s from Anchorage to provide expedient response to a broader area of Alaska.  The company’s Fairbanks-based King Air turbo prop will remain in service to respond to surrounding villages.

As an added advantage, long-range medevac flights from Fairbanks to Seattle are now possible for the company.

“Prior to adding jet service to the Fairbanks base, we would typically utilize a Learjet from Anchorage for the trip down to Seattle,” said Katie Dillon, Fairbanks Base Supervisor. “Non-stop medevac flights from Fairbanks to Seattle will improve our delivery of care to patients requiring specialized medical treatment not available in Alaska.”

Eight experienced medical flight crew members were hired to staff the Fairbanks-based Learjet with around-the-clock coverage.

A Learjet and King Air will remain based in Anchorage, along with a Cessna Caravan in Bethel, and A-Star helicopters in both Palmer and Soldotna.

About LifeMed Alaska

LifeMed Alaska provides statewide critical care air ambulance services with full-scope transports for adult, pediatric, neonate and high-risk obstetric patients utilizing a fleet of Learjets, turboprops, and helicopters. The company’s comprehensive medical transportation services include ALS ground ambulance operations based in Anchorage.Its combination of air and ground ambulances staffed by highly-skilled medical professionals plays an integral role in Alaska’s emergency medical systems.Part 135 aviation services, pilots and mechanics are provided by Aero Air, Air Methods and Grant Aviation.For more information, visit www.lifemedalaska.com