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A Safer Ambulance Hits the Streets

Anchorage, Alaska — August 18, 2014 — LifeMed Alaska has placed a new ground ambulance in service that significantly enhances safety for patients and crew. The safety features that were added to this ambulance were designed specifically to improve the restraint systems of the crew while allowing them to perform patient care.

“Safety is a cornerstone at LifeMed Alaska, and we’re proud to proactively improve safety standards within our company,” said Colt Connolly, Director of Ground Operations. “It is our intention to lead the way to better patient care and safety here in Alaska by implementing new and efficient ways to keep our patients and crews safe.”

LifeMed will be upgrading all of its ground ambulances with improved safety features at a rate of one to two ambulances each year over the next several years. The company currently operates a total of nine ground ambulances in Alaska, with five located in Anchorage and two each in Bethel and Fairbanks.

The new 2013 Ford F-350 Ambulance, engineered by LifeMed Alaska and Sawtooth Emergency Vehicles, was built by McCoy Miller Ambulance. It features a number of improvements designed to enhance safety for passengers, including:

  • A dual captain’s chair system with 5 point harnesses, replacing the bench seat and lap belts. The new seats swivel to allow staff to look forward or swivel to face the patient during transport. 5 point harnesses add safety by maintaining restraint during patient care. The forward airway seat, which faces the rear of the ambulance, is also equipped with a 5 point harness system.
  • All egress door latches on the ambulance are equipped with a secondary emergency door latch disengagement system to allow the doors to be opened when door handles do not operate.
  • The lighting system features new LED efficient lights.
  • The portable oxygen spare cylinder holder is the new ZICO QR-D-2 holder, which is an easily accessible stand up system, third party tested to exceed current safety standards, and ready for certification to coming NFPA standards. This holder is also being added to all LifeMed ambulances.
  • A backup camera system that displays on an oversized rearview mirror for the driver. This system also incorporates an audio connection allowing the driver to hear interaction and activity at the rear of the ambulance while in the driver seat. This increases the safety of operations while other crew members are focused on providing patient care.
  • New monitor hard mounts that greatly decrease the chance of the monitor coming loose during an impact. This will be standard in all LifeMed Alaska ambulances. 

About LifeMed Alaska

LifeMed Alaska provides critical care air ambulance services throughout Alaska with full-scope transports for adult, pediatric, neonate and high-risk obstetric patients using a fleet of Learjets, turboprops, and helicopters. The company’s comprehensive medical transportation services include ALS ground ambulance operations based in Anchorage. Its combination of air and ground ambulances staffed by highly-skilled medical professionals plays an integral role in Alaska’s emergency medical systems.  To learn more about LifeMed's operations and capabilities, visit www.lifemedalaska.com.

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