"THE BIG ONE" - A True Alaska Hunting Story

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You’ve planned the hunt of a lifetime to Alaska. The gear is packed and you’re ready to go – but have you taken a moment to think about what you will do if something goes wrong? What will happen if you or a member of your hunting party suffers an injury or serious illness?

Planning a hunt in Alaska brings about logistic challenges, especially where accidents and illnesses are concerned. LifeMed Alaska is familiar with the geographic and medical challenges faced in Alaska’s remote wilderness and we know how to provide high-level medical care where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Alaska’s Medevac Experts

If there is a serious medical emergency during your Alaska hunt, LifeMed knows exactly how to help. Every day, LifeMed Alaska evacuates seriously ill and injured persons from Alaska’s remote wilderness to advanced medical care. We work closely with local emergency responders, the Coast Guard and other medevac providers to coordinate the best response to any medical incident.

LifeMed Alaska will handle all of the coordination necessary to transport you from wherever you are in Alaska to the nearest medical facility, while providing the emergency medical care along the way. When you need help, we’re on the way.

When and How to Call Us

First dial 9-1-1 – even if your location cannot be accessed by road. Local dispatchers are best able to determine your exact location and how you can best be reached. If an air ambulance is a beneficial option, they will activate LifeMed Alaska.

If you or a member of your party is experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing, hypothermia, uncontrolled bleeding, fractures or unconsciousness – call for help.  If you are not able to reach a 9-1-1 dispatcher, call LifeMed Alaska directly at 1-800-478-LIFE (5433). LifeMed’s dispatchers will help determine your location and send the closest resources.

Read and print valuable information about securing a helicopter Landing Zone.

Prepare to Survive

Weather sometimes prohibits an immediate rescue, so be prepared to survive in the wilderness. Always carry a basic survival kit and a way to communicate (i.e., a Satellite phone). Educate yourself – learn first aid techniques, practice building improvised shelters, and know how to get warm and dry – BEFORE an emergency strikes.

Remote Site Registration Program

If you have a cabin or remote camp in Alaska, we encourage to you pre-register its location with LifeMed’s dispatch center in advance in order to save valuable minutes determining your location in the event of an emergency.

Download and complete both sides of the Remote Site Registration form, then return to us one of the following ways:

  • Fax to (907) 563-6636
  • Scan and email to
  • Mail to LifeMed Alaska, P.O. Box 190026, Anchorage, AK  99519